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Help Me Get Over lyrics by Jonalyn Viray

Original Pinoy Music - OPM song Help Me Get Over by Jonalyn Viray lyrics is now available!
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Enjoy the lyrics of the hottest and latest opm song Help Me Get Over.

[Help Me Get Over  lyrics]

I know that this wound will bleed again
Now I’m here right beside the one I love
I see he’s in love with someone else
Now I know I just got to let him go
Because it’s over, Help me get over

I don’t know what to do
There is no easy way of letting go
But I know there’s no sense
In holding on too much to something fading
Help me, Help me
Help me get over you

Now I see, You’re so happy with her
Deep inside I just don’t know what to feel
Oh, I’m sure, You don’t need me anymore
So I’ll go on, Try my best to just move on
Now that it’s over, I got to get over

(Repeat Chorus)

I know I’ve got to leave it all behind
Somehow I’ll try to get you off my mind
So tell me what to do
Help me get over…

(Repeat Chorus)

Help me get over you…


Feel free to watch the music video of the song Help Me Get Over  by Jonalyn Roxas Viray.
Want to know more about Jonalyn Viray:

Jonalyn Roxas Viray is born on November 15, 1989 in Marikina City, Philippines. He is a Filipina singer and an occasional actress.She was the first ever Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion. She also received five gold medals and three plaques at the 2006 World Championships of Performing Arts. She is a member of a trio named La Diva, along with Maricris Garcia and Aicelle Santos, in which she sings as a soprano. She is also a current cast member of the weekly variety show Party Pilipinas.

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